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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cool Birthday Gifts for Women

Cool Birthday Gifts for Women

Cool Birthday Gifts for Women Finding cool birthday gifts for women can be a chore.  Finding the perfect present for the women who has everything spells certain doom for the gift giver.  At Perfectly Presented Online, we have a whole category for cool birthday gifts for women.  The price range varies from affordable, under $20 to more extreme gifts. These gift ideas are perfect for a friend, relative or even mom.

The key to choosing a cool birthday gift for women is to choose something you would love to have but wouldn't normally think to buy for yourself.  People love to get those little trinkets and fun things they would never pick up for themselves but are fun to have.

Cool Birthday Gifts for WomenOur shoe displays are a great option.  These fun high heeled shoes can hold makeup brushes, glasses, cell phones or iPods or even makeup. They are perfect for dressing up your vanity or dresser.  We have shoe jewelry displays as well. These shoe jewelry displays will hold your rings and earrings while looking stunning and sexy. Our shoe displays are the ultimate, girly girl gift.

Cool Birthday Gifts for WomenAnother idea for cool birthday gifts for women are our drink mixes in decorative tins.  These tins can be used again and again and are prefect for your kitchen or porch.  The tins are filled with a delicious coffee, alcoholic drink mix, or cocoa.  These tins are perfect to give to the women who has everything.

 Our small bath gifts are also cool birthday gifts for women.  Again, this is a great gift everyone loves to have but wouldn't normally buy for themselves.  Our bath sets are filled with bath fizzes, and bath puffs.  All come in a decorative container and even wish the recipient a happy birthday.

We are sure you will find a great birthday gift for any women in our birthday category.  We work hard to bring you fun and affordable gifts for any women in your life.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shoe Party Decorations

Shoe Party Decorations for a Shoe Themed Party or Shower

Shoe Party DecorationsShoe Party Decorations If you are in need of shoe party decorations for any shoe themed parties including birthday parties or bridal showers, we have an extensive collection of the perfect shoe themed party decor. Our shoe party decorations include streamers, lanterns, candles, wine wraps, drink stirrers and some wonderful ideas for favors. Let's face it, girls love shoes. Every girly girl wold love to have a shoe themed party, bridal shower or bachelorette party. Shoes and high heels represent everything feminine about a women. Throwing a fun, shoe themed party is a fun way to celebrate being a women. A shoe themed party is a great idea for a 30th birthday party, wedding shower for a very girly girl or even a bachelorette party.

A shoe themed party will bring a need for shoe themed party decor and favors. At Perfectly Presented Online, we have an entire category dedicated to shoe decor and gifts. Our gift ideas can be used as shoe themed party favors for your guests. We have adorable hand sanitzier, matches, laptop stickers, shoe shaped jewelry displays and cell phone holders and much more. Your guests will love to take home a fun little token of the evening.

Shoe Party Decorations Our shoe displays are fun ideas to place around as centerpieces. Fill them with a small bouquet of flowers for an even more feminine touch. Winners of shower games or party games can win the display and centerpiece. These shoe displays are great to use on your vanity to hold your cosmetic brushes or makeup. We also have fun jewelry displays that will hold rings and earrings. These fun displays will dress up your vanity and make it extra girly. We have many colors and styles available. A shoe themed party is a great theme for a women's only party. We have the shoe party decorations and favors you need to make your party an absolute blast!Shoe Party Decoration

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry Sets

Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry Sets

Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry Sets If you are looking for an elegant jewelry set to offer your bridal party as a gift, look no further than our rhinestone bridal jewelry sets.  Our rhinestone bridal jewelry sets offer a hint of sparkle and shine to your wedding day.  Our elegant bridal jewelry sets are perfect gifts for your bridal party or for the bride herself. At Perfectly Presented Online, we have many styles and designs to choose from and all are at affordable prices.

Why Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry Sets as gifts?

Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry SetsOur crystal bridal jewelry sets are made with perfect crystals to enhance the design of the necklace and earrings. By choosing a crystal or even Swarovski bridal jewelry set for your bridal party to wear, you are giving them a quality gift that will keep them looking uniform for photos. It's a polite way of giving them matching  jewelry to wear on the special day. It is also a gift that they can use again and again and remember the wedding by.

Why Choose Rhinestones?

The rhinestones in our bridal jewelry sets will reflect the colors of the bridal party dresses and sparkle in the sunlight or lighting of your reception giving an elegant look to your bridesmaids and keeping them looking the same. Rhinestone jewelry is also versatile and can be work with any type of clothing for future wear. When you choose rhinestones, you get the look and feel of glamorous diamonds without spending thousands of dollars. 

At Perfectly Presented Online, we have rhinestone bridal jewelry sets with pearls, in vintage styles, and in illusion settings along with many other styles of jewelry.  We have contemporary looking rhinestone jewelry sets as well as modern and timeless, classic, elegant bridal jewelry.  We have something to match every budget and style or theme of wedding.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Guest Books and PensWedding Guest Books and Pens: A Complete Guide

At Perfectly Presented Online, we want every detail to be extraordinary, even down to the wedding guest book and pen set you select. We offer a large selection of beautiful, elegant wedding guest books and pens that can offer a distinctive and perfect touch to any style of wedding.

Why are wedding guest books and pens important for a wedding?

Wedding Guest Books and PensYour wedding guests will be able to sign in and leave a small remark or comment in our beautiful wedding guest books and pen sets. Wedding guests are proud to share in the event and by signing the guest book, they can do just that. Your guest book can be kept as a perfect, memorable memento of the special day. It also allows you to remember who attended years from now.

What should you look for in wedding guest books and pen sets?

When selecting a wedding guest book, it's important to remember to choose a set that contains a matching pen.  If you already have a pen with the book, you won't be scrambling around the day of the wedding trying to find a comparable pen to use with the book.  Try to choose a wedding guest book and pen set that will match the theme of your wedding.  Looking back through your guest book, you'll remember the feel and look of your wedding if your guest book matches the theme of your wedding.
  Wedding Guest Books and Pens 
 We offer several styles of wedding guest books and pens in our online wedding boutique. We have beach themed wedding guest books, elegant black and white guest books and pens, glitzy Hollywood style books, ivory wedding guest book and matching pen and many many more. We have the perfect wedding guest book to match your style and personality.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monogram Crystal Wedding Cake Toppers

Looking for monogram crystal wedding cake toppers?

Your search is finally over for monogram crystal wedding cake toppers. Perfectly Presented Online's collection of initial cake toppers for wedding cakes is extensive and affordable.  We have plenty of gorgeous elegant wedding cake toppers using initials and monograms encrusted with crystals and rhinestones. You are sure to find exactly what you need to make your cake the most elegant and beautiful it can be.

Show your pride in taking his last name. Decorate your cake with an elegant and traditional wedding cake topper such as our crystal covered initial topper. This wedding cake topper will create an eye catching and classic  focal point for your wedding reception.  Your new last name initial will sparkle and shine atop a beautiful cake.  This initial cake topper for wedding cakes also comes in two different sizes to ensure the proper fit for your cake and reception size.

If a monogram is more your style, we offer a beautiful monogram crystal wedding cake topper collection.  Use the grooms first name initial, brides first name initial and the last name initial in the middle. This design displays the joining of the two people to one last name and one life together.  A truly elegant wedding cake topper, this design is available in a gold finish, and silver finish, both with and without rhinestones or added crystals.

Another example of elegant wedding cake toppers is our beautiful vintage style initial cake toppers for wedding cakes. This design uses a classic and elegant, vintage script to create the letter of your initial.  The initial is then embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals for some real panache. This crystal initial cake topper will catch the light from all over and create a dazzling brilliance around the room.

Whatever your style, Perfectly Presented Online has just the perfect wedding cake topper for you.  We offer hundreds of styles from monogram crystal wedding cake toppers to just initial cake toppers for wedding cakes.  We have elegant wedding cake toppers and fun  and whimsical cake toppers.  We have something for every style, taste and theme to make sure your big day is, "Perfectly Presented"!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Candy Buffet Supplies

Wedding Candy Buffet Supplies

If you decide to have a candy buffet or bar at your wedding reception, the first think you'll need are plenty of supplies!

What is a wedding candy buffet or candy bar

Wedding candy buffets are a new hot trend for wedding receptions. A candy buffet allows guests to fill a bag or box with their favorite candies to take home as a wedding favor. The fun thing about candy buffets is that you can make them look absolutely amazing. Candy bars are fun for birthday parties, fairs and more but the wedding industry has taken a hold of the concept and run with it. They are fun but they do require a lot of supplies.

What will we need for our wedding candy buffet

Wedding Candy Buffet Supplies[/caption] To hold a great wedding candy buffet, you'll need lots of supplies such as jars or containers to hold the candy, candy scoops, and bags or containers for the guests to fill. Let's not forget the all important bulk candy too!  It's nice to use clear jars or containers or have a way to label your jars so guests will know exactly what they are choosing.  A bag or container for the guest to fill and take home is an important favor.  It's nice to find something with a lid or top to avoid spillage.  Something that is reusable is even better so the guest can keep a memento of the wedding day for other   uses.

Wedding Candy Buffet SuppliesWhere can I find wedding candy buffet supplies

Perfectly Presented Online has a large selection of wedding candy buffet containers, candy scoops, and candy buffet bags to fill for the guests. They have a selection of all of these supplies in different color schemes and different price points so they can successfully help all brides and grooms throw a glamorous wedding candy buffet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rhinestone and Feather Wedding Accessories

Need to spice up a head table? Want to make your guest book area look romantic and amazing? Need some more rhinestones at the cake table? We have an amazing new product that is a perfect wedding accent. Our new rhinestone wedding accessory is our rhinestone feather magnetic accent.

Of course when you walk into a reception, you notice the obvious table settings, center pieces and buffet. But it's the little wedding accents that really complete a wedding's style and show the effort that was put into creating a true romantic ambiance. This product is an example of the small details that need to be placed throughout a wedding to really bring it to life.

This beautiful, wedding accent will bring a touch of elegance to any area of your wedding or reception. Because of it's magnetic fastener, this feather and rhinestone wedding accessory can attach to any metal surface. Use the magnetic back to hold it on a jar, vase or any other container.

The maribu puff of white feathers gives this fun wedding accent a gentle touch of romance and elegance. The rhinestones give it a classic sparkle and shine that will make guests take notice at the small touches. Perfect for a rhinestone or feather themed wedding or just for a little touch of sparkle and fluff, this wedding accessory is a perfect finishing touch.